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​Make Owning a Race Horse

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Live Your Dream Racing Stable

     As a co-owner with Live Your Dream  (LYD), you can enjoy thoroughbred horse racing as an owner, while sharing the expense of ownership with other co-owners. An initial amount, as small as $10,000.00 is all that is required. As an LYD co-owner/member you are eligible to purchase as little as 5% of a horse we acquire via claim, a horse sale, or by private purchase. 

     As a co-owner, you will receive the percentage of the net winnings that you own of the horse and will only be responsible for that percentage of the expense of the horse. You will receive a monthly statement reflecting the monthly winnings and expense of horses in which you own a percentage.

     As a co-owner, you are not required to hold an owner's license. However,  you must be eligible in meeting the requirements for an owner's license. As a licensed owner, you will be entitled to all privileges offered to an owner, i.e. complimentary passes to the Club House, owner's parking stickers, admittance to the barn area, etc.

​     We have no illusions of making a lot of money owning race horses, nor do we promise that to co-owners. We just offer the opportunity to enjoy our sport more as an owner, get some pictures in the winner's circle and maybe get lucky enough to acquire a stakes horse. And while we're dreaming, maybe even a champion. 

     Before we get into the details of ownership, more than likely, you may have some questions. Please feel free to contact me personally with your questions.

Donald E. Palmer                    (714) 394-9313